Le Petit Chou


I want some cheese
I want a sandwich
Should I get out of bed?
Should I go get some bread?
I need a plan
There’re so many things to choose from
Do I even want one?
Or Should I get a pizza instead

I pack my bag with a map
or find the river I won’t be lost
I walk the streets feel my pockets
counting what they got
like mother taught me

Oh no, it’s Sunday
the pizza shop’s closed
the baker’s oven broke
& all I
all I wanted was some food
All I wanted was some food

Now I have to go back
Hug my block of cheese
’cause I couldn’t fill my palate
with four types of cheese
Life is so rough
Taken off my rucksack
Staring at my cheese
filled with half day’s worth of salt
but I’m saltier than thee
’cause life’s too rough

What do you do when you’re so close?
I almost had it
But then again there was no guarantee

I’ve got some cheese
it’s in the fridge
It’s not the kind I wanted
but in the meanwhile
I’ll take it


Afternoon rain
Smells like you traded the day
for something warm
You offer me tea
but with these Xmas lights s’already cosy
I am just like a kid
& smile
It might be your eyes
’cause it feels as though I have known you for the longest time
I can stay in your light for ages

I like how you laugh heartily & I just chuckle
Life’s at its best in times like these
You say I laugh too modestly well you’re a bubble
’Cause slowly this shell cracks subtly

We can still banter like we do
& I’ll still be your favourite human
if I could choose
Near one year’s pass we’ll split our paths
Chances to meet keep growing fewer
but don’t let go, no no
It’s times like these that we’ll miss the most
it’s times like these that we’ll miss

You’ll be on carpet stars on screen
I’ll be in Brussels
Life’s at its best but something reeks
I’m telling stories swim in dreams and you’re still a bubble
but this space feels so empty suddenly

In time we’ll know just why we met
Please remember
Don’t forget
don’t forget

I’ll miss how you laughed heartily and I just chuckled
Life’s at its best in times like these
You said I laughed to modestly well you’re still a bubble
And surely this shell cracked subtly
Just a bit

Untitled 4

I’ll tell you stories if you’ll just listen

So I found a ditch to hide
but now it’s time I see the light
I keep thinking is this right
O I’m scared in part despite
My heart’s ready to take flight
’Cause my life’s always been this fight
Now should I?

I’ve been waiting but
Daylight’s breaking
Now it’s my time
now should I?
Should I take it?

Oh, where to go?
I’ve been searching at what’s been lurking but it’s not home

Mother Father told me not to judge ‘em before you know ‘em
So I learned to see their stories even though I know they’re different
But the world doesn’t act the same
they spout for the sake of fame
They spill out their own judgements at the sight of a face or name
Ya I fell too much too young too hard
& I learned the ways from watching others & touching my own scars
But if voices say what life’s to be
Work until your memories bleed
in the niche sold by society
then I’d rather stop my breathing
I never believed in money
because when I was younger it brought about the worst of times for my family
And while some were laughing
Grateful their lives weren’t filled with tragedy
I looked at them, didn’t think for once”Ha, that’s funny”
The world is surely funded
It’s not the life I wanted
You work until retirement just to chill out with your hundreds
So I shut the door I done it
With a guitar I start strummin’
I stop the world around me and the music just starts runnin’

My mother told me when I was younger
Life was so much tougher
Remember the chills in December

Oh, where to go?
Mother keeps working and father keeps searching & we’re all so cold

Well I’m never one to fake it
I don’t take my life for granted
But the way the world operates my life was soon rejected
I was more than just a cynic
I’m still my own worst critic
I took my life apart to places hoping I might fix it
So I kept on searching for answers & I questioned if I could take it
Then a red-head singer-songwriter showed me maybe I could make it
So I’m out here trying to make it
I’m working like it’s fated
’Cause hard work and tenacity are one of the few things that I’m graced with
O I pick up on a dream
Say goodbye to another
Devote my life to a dream
Then splash I sink a bit further
My will keeps getting broken
But I keep it as a token
I learn from being shaken and I come back better taken
While they’re running their mouths off
drunken from their Smirnoff
I’m running working nonstop
trying to wipe their stupid smirks off
They justify their fallacies
I’m strengthening my calluses
At the end of the night my blood and heart ya this is why they beat so beat it

Oh, where to go?
Got this feeling but can I really call this home?
Oh, where should I go?
Got this feeling but can I really call this home?


So it’s Christmas again
Snow is falling
Temperature dropping
but it’s warm
So warm
Father, you’re finally home
Let’s put up the Christmas lights
So every passer-by
won’t feel so alone
even in the cold

So it’s Christmas again
One has now left the nest
but we’re still three strong
And we carry on
We still can
put up the Xmas lights and
tell stories through the night and
wait till it’s white outside for
cookies and films inside
yes we still can
Three’s the new fad

It’s December again
One’s off where to the moon
The other’s somewhere out of view
across the ocean
Now where I’m sighing
There was a heart to place
Though we’re trying
trying to paint our face
These fake smiles take their weight
One plus one doesn’t make four
It doesn’t take ten to see
It never made sense to me

So it’s that time again
I am here on my own
and it’s so cold
so cold
Father, with your worn out soles
Are you coming home?
To this…
to this place called home?
Well, this isn’t home


This always happens to me
Maybe I fall too fast
Is it my fault?
I’m always after a dream
I might’ve fallen too fast
Is this my fault?
& I can’t help but notice your smile
I might just lose myself

& although you jest at your quaint style
I’m intrigued like no one else
If fate told me I could stop this dial I wouldn’t hesitate

I keep seeing your fairness lucidly in air
Maybe I’m sick at last
but I just can’t stop

Pink spring
Scarf scents
Tripping not on cement
Dear heart, please stop or find another way

I keep staring up and I’m wondering have I lost my senses
Heart is chained and cuffed to a graceful elegance
In no way can I describe what I feel in eloquence
What am I feeling?
Please don’t let it end

Do I always want what I cannot have?
I’m a naïve stupid lad
expecting more

In my mind I keep running reruns
Hoping I would get it right
Even though I know I’ll never be one
Someone who can be your light
In the end I couldn’t even try once
Oh please just lull me with a lie

I know I’m a bit outside from where normal stands
I know I’m so close yet far from the touch of your hands
Maybe I should just get lost in a dreamscape land
’Cause this always happens
and my heart’s left to mend

We spend so much of our lives not saying what we need to
not saying…
We spend out lives between sides not saying what we need to
Not saying what we mean to
If I could grasp the chance the courage that I need to
I’d drop everything for you
yes I would

Some day you’ll forget my voice and the time we met
I’ll just glance on back and smile at the time we’ve spent
Red eyes shattered heart and a sack full of regret
I’m glad it happened
Even for a moment

Interlude G

Quiet classrooms
Empty passions
Chest is cleaving
See these eyes have turn to lead
I wish there was something better
Now will I find it
Life seems too hard from here
I wish there was something worth it

Stand by the river
and I wait
Might I fade?
I still write
and I wait
and I wait
I still sing
and I wait
and I wait
And I still try
as I wait
and I wait
Will I find it?
Something worth it?
Will I find it?
Something worth it


Mind’s white, moon shines, what goes next?
You stare out
I stare in
Blood pulses hands tense but mouth won’t speak the text
Like how could you
see the family fall apart
and you’re out there waiting for some call
And how could you
Watch the family torn apart
yet you hardly bat an eye at all

Laugh along at their vapid words
Make a turn at the block
you flock towards the herd
And how could you
know there’re four halves of two hearts
and you go on squandering your jewels
You and he are the same
you and he are the same
So how come, why’d you, when’d you, did you, then too?

Please stop these little games before I drop
Please stop these little games before I drop

Have you stopped
thought to look back for a while
just to see what you have become?
Letters won’t work
Heartbreak won’t work
What else could work?
Please stop


You’re alright
Take a breath one more time
Take some time to dry your eyes
I am here with you
You’re alright
When the world is falling down
It’s not really falling down
I am here with you

And it’s fine
Take your time to take in life
Cuss at God for acting blind
No one’s blaming you
You’ll be fine
Take a walk to cool your mind
You don’t need to search for a silver line
No one’s blaming you

If you need to
Fall a little deeper
I’ll be right there
If you need to
Pace left right to meet her
I’ll be right here


All I see when I look outside
People passing by
I’m just staring
but time’s wasting
I still love what I used to know
All the lights & shows
all the lights and snow
have turned colourless
They’re now wonderless

But I still love staring at the sky
I still love dreaming

Stare out, out towards the open sky
Maybe I see myself
Out, I cannot see a light
Maybe my glow has fell
(Where should I go from here?)

How can I tend and care for them?
Have I care to spend?
Have I care to lend?
When inside I’m broke
Almost out of hope
How am I supposed to give this thing called love
when I can’t even love myself?
Can they attempt to know the way I feel
when the pain is never quelled?

But I still love getting lost in my mind
I’ll just keep dreaming

Stare out, out towards the open sky
I can’t, I cannot see a light
I’m just, I’m just a broken star
I’m just, I’m just a broken star
Won’t someone relight me?

I’ve been so scared to let this go
I’ve been so scared of “I don’t know”s
I’ve been so scared of failure
I’ve been so scared to fail ya
It’s so hard to do what you love
When you try so much you start to trust that you’re never good enough
And it’s so hard to love
Who to love?
When all I want is to be loved enough
so I never want again
I’ve been so scared
So scared
So scared
I’ve been so scared
So scared

Everything is alright
everything is alright
Just look into my eyes
and lean your head against my shoulder
And lean your head
I’ll relight you
So you shine brighter than ever
I’ll come find you
’Cause you’ve been searching forever
If you want to
let me love you for worse or for better
Just look into my eyes
and lean your head against my shoulder
and lean your head


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